About the project

Aligning Values and Net Zero Homebuilding

Wood is one of the most sustainable materials in the built environment yet can degrade if not treated to endure long-term exposure to harsh climate conditions and attacks from insects and fungus. In our modern society, there have been many advances in wood preservation through a variety of modification processes. Most new commercial wood technologies have come from Europe with venture backed pilot plants complete with laboratory research, like LIGNIA Wood Company.

Launching a new wood product in North America in the built environment can be challenging. The market demands proof of performance. For LIGNIA, product demonstration was key for market acceptance. LIGNIA and LIGNIA Fire are featured on a demonstration home called SYMBI Homes. With a high focus on wellness, energy-efficiency, and technology, the project aligned perfectly with LIGNIA’s emphasis on sustainability. LIGNIA Fire is featured on the home’s exterior siding, and LIGNIA is featured on all decking surfaces.

Lignia Fire