About the project

Building Trust and Credibility

Customer testimonials are powerful tools that build credibility and trust and are just as important as editorial third-party declarations. For our client Buildxact, demonstrating how their product helps small residential builders build a better business was instrumental to building trust and credibility as they launch in North America. We spoke with three current customers on the importance of choosing the right construction software solution for their residential construction business.

Rethinking Video During a Pandemic

In 2020, like many of our marketing peers, we had to rethink how we can produce compelling videos without the ability to travel and be on location. In December of 2020, we created three Zoom — and iPhone b-roll — videos with our client, Buildxact. The videos are featured on Buildxact’s USA YouTube Page and on Fine Homebuilding Magazine’s video showcase. We featured Buildxact user and influencer, Matthew McCrimmon, owner of Sabado Homes.

  • In Search of the Right Residential Construction Software
  • Unifying Your Business Systems with Construction Software
  • Easy to Use and Quick to Get Started
Buildxact, Melbourne, Australia