About the project

A Case for Beauty and Strength

Leveraging a completed project, especially if it has a compelling story and beautiful imagery, is an easy way to showcase what truly sets your product or service apart. Our client, Ultra-tec, manufactures stainless steel cabling, fittings, and hardware for commercial applications, where strength is essential, and so is beauty. We penned four compelling case studies featuring Ultra-tec’s products where, you’ll find, material choice matters. All four are also featured in commARCH.

  • 110 vertically suspended cables on a Houston law office stairway offering sweeping views of the city from virtually all four sides of the office building. In commARCH.
  • A 700-foot-long elevated boardwalk with various levels, some as high as 20-feet above ground for human species to view bird species at the Houston Audubon Society. In commARCH.
Ultra-tec, Tampa, Florida